Volume 1 (2016), No. 2

Volume 1, Number 2
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[ 8–12 ]

Features of translation as the secondary type of speech activities from the perspective of psycholinguistics
Bogomyakova A.R., Gorskaya N.Yu.

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[ 13–17 ]

Utterance as a discourse unit: defining the concept
Krapivkina O.A.

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[ 18–24 ]

Features of the US patents translation
Stadnik А. V., Korepina N. A.

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[ 25–28 ]

On the analysis of A. Lincoln’s discourse
Shadaeva L.I.

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[ 29–34 ]

Interactive eye behavior. The language of looks and its representation in literature (a case study of Spanish fiction)
Yu E.D.

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[ 35–41 ]

Juvenile delinquency and issues of its early prevention
Ivanova L.M., Koryagina S.A.

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[ 42–52 ]

Strategic planning of countering extremism
Mushinskiy M.A., Stepanenko D.A.

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[ 53–57 ]

Humanities lessons as a means of teaching tolerance towards children with special needs under conditions of inclusion at schools
Gorbunova T.V., Titarenko E.V.

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[ 58–60 ]

Preschoolers’ training and education through animation as a modern education technology
Stolnikova E.S.

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[ 61–67 ]

On the issue of study of influence of personality traits on the choice of behaviour strategy in conflict situations
Evseeva А.Yu., Pulyaevskaya O.V.

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[ 68–74 ]

Professional incubator as pedagogical conditions for formation of psychology students’ professional values
Larionova L.A.

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[ 75–79 ]

Psychological aspects of manifestation and prevention of extremism among youth
Pulyaevskaya O.V.

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[ 80–85 ]

Features of organizational conflicts in a small business in modern Russia: regional aspect
Davydova O.O., Struk N.M.

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[ 86–91 ]

Tolerance as an essential social competence of modern society
Dinh Kha Mi, Struk E.N.

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[ 92–96 ]

Small business in Irkutsk: barriers and prospects of development
Sevastyanova N.V., Gavrilova N.I.

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[ 97–104 ]

Historical and social roots of entrepreneurship (W.Sombart, M.Weber)
Urbanaeva E.G., Iltakova N.V.

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[ 105–110 ]

Features of Irkutsk citizens trust in institutional philanthropy
Cherepanova Ya.O., Gavrilova N.I.

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