About the Journal

The Journal «Social Competence» («Sociocom») is a periodical scientific publication of network distribution (issued 4 times a year) that publishes topical research and practice articles, reviews of scientists, postgraduate students, doctorate students, research institutes and university professors, experts and foreign authors. It discusses various aspects of the system of complex social skills (social, pedagogical, psychological, altogether building social competence), behavior scenarios in various social situations as well as knowledge of social reality, social groups, and personalities.

The journal «Social Competence»

  • is registered by Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). The mass media registration certificate is Эл № ФС77-85326 dated May 15, 2023;
  • is included in scientific electronic library (eLIBRARY.RU) to create Russian science citation index (RSCI);
  • has an International standard serial number» (ISSN): 2658-5855.

Articles are published free of charge.

Aims and Scope of the journal:

  • to create an accessible information realm for all specialists involved in the study of social and humanitarian problematics of building social competencies in society;
  • to enable scientists, Russian and abroad specialists to publish results of their research;
  • to expand the scope of professional dialogue for Russian researchers in the field of sociology, pedagogy and legal sciences;
  • to build a communication platform to widen cooperation between Russian and abroad professional communities;
  • to draw attention to the most relevant, promising and interesting areas of research on the subjects of the journal;
  • to launch an open scientific polemics contributing to improving the quality of scientific researches;
  • to introduce the best international practices in the implementation of scientific developments in the above-named areas of knowledge to readers;
  • to ensure transparency and openness in the reflection of scientific problems.

The network publication “Social Competence” (“Society”) conducts reviewing and accepts scientific materials in the form of articles, reviews, etc. In the following groups of scientific specialties:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Pedagogy

Founder and publisher: Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «Far Eastern Federal University» (FEFU).

Editor-in-Chief: Mikhail N. Nevzorov

Certificate of Registration at Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor)
Certificate of Registration at the ISSN International Centre