Volume 7 (2022), No.2-3

Volume 7, No.2-3
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[ 130–141 ]

Special rules for strengthening punishment for a crime committed in complicity under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: legal and social conditionality
Kulikov E. A.

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[ 142–150 ]

Сriminological characteristics of the personality of a minor criminal who commits crimes against public safety and public order
Evstratova Y. A., Samusevitch D. V.

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[ 151–163 ]

Problems of qualification and improvement of the concept of criminal law counteraction to crimes in the field of bankruptcy
Kolosova A. I.

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[ 164–171 ]

Theoretical aspects of the concept of «competition»
Pakharukov A.A., Faizieva K.A.

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[ 172–180 ]

Constitutional and legal bases of administrative proceedings in foreign countries
Tikhy R. S.

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[ 181–190 ]

The essence and mechanisms of interaction between the subjects of mentoring in the context of the educational process of the college
Gomboyeva I. S.

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[ 191–200 ]

Formation of professional readiness of a specialist on adaptive training complexes
Popov A. I., Obuhov A. D.

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[ 201–210 ]

Organization of distance learning in rural schools in conditions of epidemiological risks
Roshko E. P.

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[ 211–217 ]

Socio-pedagogical support for single-parent families in a preschool educational organization (on the example of AN NGO «Almazik» d/s 52 «Krepysh» Mirny, Sakha Republic (Yakutia))
Cherepanova E. A., Kopalkina E. G.

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[ 218–227 ]

Social and managerial aspects of palliative care for children in the Kaliningrad region
Krivosheev V.V., Bazenko A.E.

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[ 228–237 ]

Research of satisfaction of elderly people with the quality of social services in OGAUSO «Integrated Center for Social Services of the Population»
Nguyen T. H., Bakhmatova T. G.

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[ 238–249 ]

Motivation of Volunteers of Paralympic Games
Sukharkova M. P.

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