Volume 7 (2022), No.4

Volume 7 (2022), No.4
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[ 254–260 ] Criminological characteristics of the personality of modern neonazists.
issues of countering neonazism as one of the main threats of the XXI century

Evstratova Y. A., Samusevitch D. V.

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[ 261–270 ] On the correlation of legal responsibility and legal responsibility: socio-legal aspect
Kulikov E. A.

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[ 271–280 ] Course of dealing as a variation of the usual rules
Pakharukov A. A., Epov E. S.

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[ 281–289 ] Constitutional foundations of administrative control over the activities of local self-government
bodies in certain foreign countries (using the example of the USA, Germany and France)

Tikhy R. S.

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[ 290–295 ] Environmental education as a tool for the formation of sustainable models of environmental

Antonova V. S.

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[ 296–308 ] Problems of preparing families for raising a child
Arpentieva M. R., Golovashkina A. V.

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[ 309–315 ] Master’s education in Russia: status and possibility to use foreign experience (problem statement)
Burkova I. N., Korshunova N. L.

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[ 316–326 ] Deconstruction of values in the era of postmodernism
Denisova A. B.

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[ 327–333 ] Criteria for the teacher’s readiness to organizea а student’s creative self-development in a digital environment
Popov A. I.

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[ 334–343 ] Development of the concept of anomy: specifics of social pathology in
society of trauma

Krivosheev V. V., Kochergin D. YU.

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[ 344–352 ] Modern sociological approaches to the study of the phenomenon of “leisure”
Mironov A. S., Struk E. N.

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[ 353–364 ] Evaluation of the performance of support measures for families with children during the Covid-
19 pandemic: territorial features

Natsun L. N.

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