Volume 4 (2019), No. 3

Volume 4, Number 3
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[ 200–208 ]

The main types of customs control as ways to regulate and develop relations in the Customs Union
Bondareva E.V.

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[ 209–220 ]

Problems of efficiency of anti-corruption legislation (based on the
materials of Russia and Kazakhstan)

Mushinskiy M.A., Shalamova A.N.

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[ 221–230 ]

The concept and types of arbitration management in Russian law
Pakharukov A.A.

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[ 231–238 ]

International legal regulation in Prosecutor’s offices of new state entities
Shamurzaev T.T., Arkhipova A.N., Turkova V.N.

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[ 239–245 ]

Contextual education as a condition for development of trans-professional personality characteristics
Gomboyeva I.S.

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[ 246–254 ]

The pedagogical potential of the educational space of the university in the formation of personal and professional values of future psychologists
Larionova L.A.

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[ 255–265 ]

Trust-based practice among young people
Bolshov V.B.

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[ 266–271 ]

On transformation of urban environment by methods of tactical urbanism and participatory design
Gamurak A.V.

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[ 272–278 ]

Political symbol in formation of schoolchildren’s national identity (through the example of the symbol “Motherland”)
Karusheva Yu.M.

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[ 279–285 ]

Evaluation of employment promotion for unemployed women in the current context (the case of Irkutsk)
Kopalkina E.G.

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[ 286–291 ]

The current stage of development of postindustrial society: sociocultural aspect
Mayakova A.V.

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[ 292–298 ]

Migrants in Buryatia: the host community assessments
Petrova E.V., Zhalsanova V.G., Biltrikova A.V.

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[ 299–304 ]

State support as a form of quality of life improvement of representatives of indigenous peoples of the North of Ugra: sociological aspect
Khaknazarov S.Kh.

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