Volume 1 (2016), No. 1

Volume 1, Number 1
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[ 8–12 ]

Development of media competence of journalism, advertising and public relations students
Vairakh Y.V., Zhelnovakova M.F.

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[ 13–18 ]

The terminology of legislation on religious relations as basis of interethnic and interreligious unity promotion
Mamedov E.F.

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[ 19–22 ]

Problems of general cultural and professional competencies in higher education
Koroleva I.L., Merkulov A.S., Terekhova O.G.

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[ 23–27 ]

Psychological and pedagogical features of children’s inclusive education
Zhdanko T.A.

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[ 28–32 ]

Life strategies and psychological features of unemployed youth
Minina N.V., Pulyaevskaya O.V.

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[ 33–35 ]

On the issue of identification of psychological aspect of area sustainability in the context of urban development problems solution
Pulyaevskaya O.V.

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[ 36–43 ]

A generational analysis of attitudes to the army of the male population of Irkutsk
Antonova D.Yu., Sidorova N.V.

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[ 44–49 ]

The cognitive approach in social work
Baltueva S.V.

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[ 50–54 ]

Features of gender stereotypes of female service members: the case of young female service members of Irkutsk and Angarsk cities)
Butakova D.А., Dormidontova Т.А.

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[ 55–58 ]

Wedding rituals of modern youth: results of social study of Irkutsk weddings
Butakova D.А., Fedorova M.V.

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[ 59–64 ]

Analysis of students’ life strategies (based on the sociological survey of INRTU students)
Guzik M. V., Fedoseevа D. A.

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[ 65–68 ]

Legal mechanics of social protection of foster family in Russia
Zabalova E.Yu.

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