Values and self-identification of the indigenous peoples of Ugra

Volume 7 (2022), No. 1, pp. 119–126


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The article presents the results of a study of value judgments, markers of ethnic identity of representatives from among the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North (hereinafter — KMNS) living in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra (hereinafter — Yugra). The respondents were titular ethnic groups (Khanty, Mansi, Nenets) of autochthonous territories — Oktyabrsky, Berezovsky, Kondinsky districts of Yugra. The answers were obtained by the method of questionnaires and mixed questions, as a result of which a hierarchy of the main value components in the life of the represented ethnic groups was built, and also the main ethnomarkers that act in the issue of self-identification of the Ob Ugrians and Nenets Yugra were shown. Statements about family well-being, motherhood, and health were made by the majority of respondents. Ob Ugrians and Nenets showed their affection for their small homeland, the place of their birth. It is noted that in the structure of value judgments, the main positions remain vital («health»»family», «children»), ethnic values («nationality»). It is emphasized that the positive ethnic self-identification is reinforced by a number of ethnomarkers, mainly territorial («native land», «nature» by «its edge»), as well as ethnicity («nationality»).


survey, indigenous peoples, Yugra, values, traditions, self-identification


Natalia V. Tkachuk, Ob-Ugric Institute of Applied Researches and Development, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

For citation:

Tkachuk N.V. Values and self-identification of the indigenous peoples of Ugra // Social competence. 2022. Vol. 7. No. 1. pp. 119-126.


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