Model of professional competence in forming the image of the educational organization

Volume 3, Number 2, 2018, P. 74–80


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The practices of building the image of an educational organization are an indicator of the current trends in the administrative activities of the principal. In the context of rating campaigns of the education system and constant competition for the consumer of educational services, there is a need to build an image, to develop models and technologies that allow the principal to create a positive image of the educational organization. The effective image creation is focused on the elements of its structure and is determined by the need to solve a number of organizational, research, management and marketing tasks. The process of creating an image is actualized by the resource capacity of educational organizations, because usually they are tight or limited by the budget. The studies show that the image of the educational organization is formed on the basis of the professional properties of the staff as a result of pedagogical activity broadcast in the society. The article reveals the experience of building a model of professional competence as a factor of the image building of the educational organization. Approbation of the developed model reflects the relationship between the indicators of positive image of the educational organization and the levels of professional competence of the teaching staff who are the main carriers of the image characteristics. This proves the need for development of organizational and labour opportunities and personal properties of pedagogical workers at each level of professional competence that makes it possible to bring out the best in employees and to build the positive image of educational organization.


professional competence, educational organization, image formation


Natalya M. Roshchina, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor of Sociology Department, Kuban State University, Krasnodar, Russia

For citation:

Roshchina N.M. Model of professional competence in forming the image of the educational organization. Social Competence, 2018, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 74–80. (In Russian).


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